Tudor Lodge

Tudor Lodge CastIronFounder member John Cee Stannard, together with Lyndon Green and Annie Steuart, recorded the first Tudor Lodge album in 1971 on the prestigious Vertigo label.  With descriptions such as “Progressive Folk” and even “Acid Folk Rock” they represented the musical innovations of the time.  By the mid 1980’s, Lyndon and Annie had left, leaving John Cee and Lynne Whiteland to continue as a duo.  It was not until 1995 that the next studio album, “Let’s Talk” appeared.  This CD included new recordings as well as half the tracks being recorded by John, Lynne and Lyndon shortly before Lyndon left in 1985.  Over the years that followed, Lynne continued to develop her writing skills, blending delicate melody with tantalizing, and often very moving lyrics. Their blend of guitar work adding the perfect support for these songs.  These new songs provide the bedrock of the studio albums that followed including “Dream”, “Runaway”, “Unconditional”, “Stay” and the most recent 2017 studio album “SPACES”.  This album contains some of their finest recordings to date.  Lynne continues to write haunting and captivating music and lyrics. These songs appear along side a couple of jointly written tracks as well as one written by John Cee.


John Cee Stannard

John Cee Stannard Forty two years after recording his first album with Tudor Lodge in 1971, John Cee Stannard launched his first solo album.  It was worth the wait.  The idea of a solo album was a dream John Cee had nurtured for over twenty years, but he was never quite sure of the direction it should take.  In January 2011 he wrote half a dozen songs; one of them was a blues number; five of those songs fell by the way side, but the blues number had struck a chord.  Over the next few months, a couple of dozen blues based songs had joined the growing list of songs which took John Cee in a completely new direction. By the summer he knew that these songs had to be the basis of a solo project.  In May 2013, the John Cee Stannard Blues Orchestra CD, “The Doob Doo Album” was launched.  Two of the guest musicians encouraged John Cee to start gigging the songs.  They agreed to join him and Blues Horizon was formed.  It then seemed logical to record an album that represented the live set.  So the second album “Bus Depot Blues” was released in 2014.  This was followed in 2015 by “Stone Cold Sober”, then John Cee’s Christmas E.P “It’s Christmas Time” (2016), and the fourth album “To The River” (2017).

Caroline Neuburg

Caroline Neuburg

Describing Caroline Neuburg as an unaccompanied folk singer does not do justice to her wide ranging performance.  Certainly much of her material is drawn from the traditional folk heritage, but this is augmented by her own very original songs.  And whilst the delivery is by and large in the folk idiom, there are some definite jazz influences from time to time, which is hardly surprising as Caroline has sung with a jazz band in the past.  Caroline is a well known figure in the folk clubs of Hampshire, and was one of the organisers in the Fleet club for several years.  She has worked with accompanying musicians in the past, but her performances are usually ac apella, “I don’t have to worry about tuning up”.  This is reflected on the album where one accompanied song joins the remaining unaccompanied tracks which are punctuated with short musical breaks giving the album a well rounded and complete sound.


Gerry Dryden


At the turn of this century, Gerry Dryden was prolifically generating songs which he would perform at his local folk club.  He’d already switched from electric to acoustic a number of times, and was now firmly in the acoustic camp.  In 2002 he realeased fourteen of these songs on an album called “What Goes Around Comes Around”.   By 2005 the Gerry Dryden Band was recording their album for CastIron Recordings titled “It Shone Like Gold”, which also features John and Lynne from Tudor Lodge.  By 2008, Gerry was working solo again, and concentrating on his writing and producing a 4-track EP titled “Not Too Bothered Now” (available from CDbaby).  Gerry has since retired from the music business.


 Skyport Ade Tucker
Skyport castiron 200

The Pottingshed Band began around 2002 when Skyport was joined by violin vertuoso Pete Crowther for a gig at Bramley Folk Club in Hampshire.  It went so well that they have been playing as a duo ever since, occasionally augmented by bass and percussives.  They play country blues, and bluesy country with tunes that are familiar, but the words are bang up to date and guaranteed to make you laugh – or at least titter a little.  They are proud to say that they have never practiced or rehearsed, but operate by gestalt.  For information/videos/gig list, visit their myspace page.