The Gerry Dryden Band – – It Shone Like Gold (2005) CD


Cry You're On Your Own Now
It Don't Mean A Thing
It Shone Like Gold
Say Goodnight
Tight Rope Girls
Shake Shake Shake
Rod & Reel
You Can't Take My Place
Whisky Lips
Space Station
Such A Beauty
Stay For A While
Given Up On Love


For a couple of years around 2004/5 John and Lynne from Tudor Lodge were members of the Gerry Dryden Band.  Lynne adding her voice to backing vocals, and John thumping out the bass lines.  This album was recorded in Kent at Roundel Studios which was owned by legendary Hammond player Roger Cotton who engineered the sessions as well as contributing some fine Hammond sounds.

Also on the album playing guitar was Mike Bake who is part of John Cee Stannard’s Blues Horizon, and drummer Mike Winter.